Ancient Roman Villa

Wealthy Romans who lived in the city had villas that were, in some respects, very different than modern homes–a little inside-out. Actually, outside-in. The garden was inside the house walls and the roof was open to allow the rain in. Now your Sims can enjoy fresh breezes, sun, and gardening inside their home!

Download the Ancient Roman Villa from the gallery! Click here!

The first room is the atrium where a small pool of water collects the rain that falls into the home. Surrounding the atrium are seating for greeting guests and the bedrooms. After the atrium is the dining room and the sculpture room. Then the courtyard where the garden is open to the skies and more sculpture. Sims can relax on benches and enjoy chess or the use the sauna and spa all while looking out onto the courtyard. Also just off the courtyard is the kitchen, a children’s play room, and a room specifically for entertaining.

Upstairs Sims will find an additional bedroom (which would typically be for servants), TV room, game room, exercise equipment, and the (possibly large enough for a) bowling alley.

Find more on the gallery at this link! Click here for builds by withlovejulien

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