The Riptide Bar and Club

The hipsters may want to feel like they belong in this dive bar, but the patina of tables glossed with spilled beer and the lingering odor of testosterone quickly chases them out. There are no bike racks, there is a trashcan to put your cigarette butts, & the musicians might need protection. Get outta here with your fancy schmancy cocktails and order a beer or shot already.Why isn’t the sign bigger? ‘Cause you don’t belong here if don’t already know how to find it. A huge bar, lots of music, activities, and seating, and lots of memories! Like any good bar, lit primarily with neon signs provided by alcohol venders. Includes 2 bathrooms, stage, an office area, and place to unload deliveries.

The bar only as a room on the gallery

The bar lot on the gallery

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