Boardwalk in 3 Options

Do you need a beach? A lounge or bar? An exciting retail lot? This lot works for all of them!

Sulani is noted for its entertainment and shopping! This venue started off as a regular boardwalk but as they added entertainers for the beach goers, they expanded with a music and fishing pier! When traveling to Sulani, though, make sure you bring home souvenirs for your friends and family at the gift store and adopt some Sulani style by purchasing an outfit from the Surf Shop.

Boardwalk with shops and pier includes the greasy spoon (a kitchen so you can make a snack or a cake for a celebration–use the sink in the bar if needed), beach gift shop with computer–like any good boardwalk gift shop, pick up Sulani souvenirs and kids stuff you forgot to pack, beach-side bar with cool drinks on hot days and TV, a surf shop so you can pick up a new bathing suit and some Sulani style (5 different outfits in each category including hot and cold). Check out the music pier with mic, piano, and guitar, wedding arch, fishing, and glass bottom boat. The bathroom includes a toddler potty and tub (just in case)–except for the beach lot because it requires a public bathroom (the toddler potty is in the gift shop).

Uses primarily Island Living, Get to Work, and base game. You won’t miss the other packs (some are only listed for hairstyles given to mannequins which don’t have hair!).

SeaStar Music Pier (lounge):

SeaStar Boardwalk and Shops (retail):

SeaStar Beach and Boardwalk (beach):

(FYI: Built for Sand Simoleon Beach in Sulani.  The float is glitched on that lot for the beach version–I recommend placing it in shallow water where Sims can’t use it autonomously or just deleting it and having the incomplete lot type warning)


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