Camp Weehoken 3-12 Beds

Camp Weehoken is a great sleepaway camp for kids with nearly every activity! Plenty of outdoor activities to keep them active and in the sunshine, and all kinds of indoor activities for the evenings and rainy days. Kids sleep in cozy cabin dorms with community activities all about and a dining hall. Counselors get their own cabin. Includes lake/pool, float, diving board, loungers, fireplaces, bar, computers, boxing, yoga & meditation, campfire, bonfire, towel, building table, puppet theater, arcade, foosball, science experiments, activity table, video game, toys, pet rat & bubalus, bookcase, pirate ship, swing, dollhouse, kiddie pool, aquarium, violin, doctor and vet set, laundry machines, and more. Built on the 64×64 Dresden House lot in Windenburg.

Find it on the gallery here!

Build challenges here!



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