Sims 4 Build Challenges Updated 7-25-2019

Find the most recent challenge compilation here!

Updated 7/25/2019

If you enjoy building homes in the Sims 4, here are some ideas for inspiration!

July challenge from BreeMiles: Floor plan challenge (can be downloaded on the gallery here)–

Due 7/26/2019 Reddit weekly build challenge from /r/thesims on Reddit: Summer Vacation Dream

Due 7/28/2019 from JosieAnglin on the official Sims Forum: Dynamic Developers: Build a glam themed apartment for Erica.

Due 7/30/2019 from Rosemow on the official Sims Forum: One Room One Week One Theme: a room with a space theme–a girls or boys bedroom reflecting the world where the bedroom is

Due 7/31/2019 from HollieBB

Due 7/31/2019 from Jack Preston

Due 8/2/2019 from Phirehero

Due 8/2/2019 by SerraNolwen, a new challenge in the official Forums–

Due 8/3/2019 by Ninnster


Due 8/4/2019 from Cimthabestb247 

Due 8/4/2019 from Sims Creator Community 

Due 8/16/2019 from xSorcier 

Due 8/26/2019 from Sim_Michelle:


No due date from Symarchy: Starter Story Challenge

SimLit challenge

Due 7/31/2019 from LisaBee:

Photo Challenge

Due 7/31/2019 from Sims Creator Community:

Due 8/31/2019 from Sims Creator Community:

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