Big List of Sims 4 Challenges August 2019 (Updated 8/14/19)

Find January 2020 challenges at this link!

Updated 8/4, 8/5, 8/7, 8/10, 8/11, 8/14 (New with a *)

Build Challenges

  • Due 8/3/19 (but the due date is flexible) from Pandysims, the Debug Challenge:

  • Due 8/4/19 from SimsCreatorsCom:

  • * Tours start on 8/6/2019 from Nelsbuilds, build a home from the theme and Nelsbuilds will create a story during the tour onstream

  • Due 8/16/19 from xSorcier, Starters for Starters:

  • Due 8/17/2019 from Krystalgamer, Make Me Want to Buy Bowling Night Stuff with one tweet:

  • Due 8/23/2019 from cimthabestb247:ย ย 

  • Due 8/25/19 from sim_michele:ย ย 

  • Due 8/29/19 from Simarchy:

  • Due 8/30/19 from Phirehero:

  • * Due 9/13 from jazzyrosee:

  • From Simarchy, Starter Story Challenge (no due date):

  • * No due date from Siminary, a knot garden challenge

Shell Challenges

Room Challenges

Furnishing Challenge

CAS Challenge

SimLit Challenge

(An intro to SimLit from the official Sims forum)

Screenshot Challenge

  • August cover challenge from SimsCreatorsCom:


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