November Sims 4 Challenges–Updated 11/19/2019

Find more recent posts about Sims 4 build challenges and shell challenges and CAS challenges here!

Build Challenges:

From xSorcier, tours on 11/9/2019:

From Reddit, due 11/10/19:

From Build’n’Share, due 11/13/19:

Not quite a challenge but a cooperative build opportunity. Still lots available to claim!


From SNWGames, due 11/22/19:

Find the description here:


From BrysGamingStory, due 11/24/2019:

From UKSimmer, tours on 11/28/19:

From NelsBuilds, due on 11/29/2019:

From Ninnster, due on 11/30/2019:

From AlJay2000, due 11/30/2019:

Building from a blueprint with a shell available to download, if desired.

From Cimthabest247, due sometime at the end of November:

From Sim_Michele, tours on 12/5/2019:

From BrennachanSims, ongoing:

Room Challenges:

From Rosemow, due 11/5/19:

Farewell Dining Room for Student Leaving for University

From OddSocksTango, due 12/1/2019:

From Anton, due 12/1/2019:

From Simarchy, no due date:

Download the room shell here:

Get Together closet version:

01 (1)

Base game version:

01 (2)

From KaysEstates, no due date:

Download here:

01 (3)

Shell Challenges:

From NelsBuilds, due 11/29/2019:

From SpringSims, due sometime in November:

Download it here:

00 (8)

From JazzyRosee, due 11/30/2019:

Download the shell here:

00 (11)

From Pixelheart27, due 12/9/19:

Download here:

From Julie1112, no due date:

Download here:

00 (12).jpg

From KaysEstates, due 3/31/20:

Download here:

00 (13)

Furnish Me challenges:

From Zefrine_TV, due 11/9/19:

00 (1)


From MalixaLace, tours on 11/10/2019:


From Sim_Michele, due 12/19/19:

From ArtisticGamer7, due 11/23/2019 (possibly up to 11/26/2019):

You can download the lot here:

Screenshot challenge:

From Krystalgamer, due 11/29/2019:

CAS Challenges:

From xSorcier, due 11/2/2019:

From BrennachanSims, ongoing:

Sim Lit Challenge:

From LisaBee, due 11/31/2019:

From a first person perspective, write up to 1000 words on the month’s theme. Voting for the October entries is open until 11/9/2019. All of the information needed here:

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