A Tale of Two Townhomes

Nestled intimately. length-wise, on a tiny 20×15 lot (Honeydew Fields in Britechester from Discover University), a #semidetached house offers 4 bedrooms and baths on each side with living room, dining room, and kitchen on the first floor, a master bath with en suite on the second with another bedroom and bath, and the third floor has two more bedrooms and a bath. Red side is decorated more traditionally in case the land-lord lives there or for some fancier college kids. The blue side is more modern and even has a bar in the living room and instead of a dining room table, decided a ping pong table, speakers, and room for a keg were more important. There are enough beds to sleep 10. (There is flickering on the top floor trim where blue and red meet in the front. To delete the trim, increase top floor wall height and delete the trim with the sledgehammer.)


On the gallery here: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/E3B7816C162B11EA8A474BBF48D73738

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