920 Medina Studio CC Build

A traditional/transitional apartment space with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and high style.

Available on the gallery–select to show Custom Content for it to show up

All CC is from Peacemaker, so if you’ve downloaded his entire collection, then you should be fine!

Requires City Living

CC list:

Lennox Kitchen and Dining
Ophelia Bedroom Suite
Colour Me Yellow Modern Rugs
Colour Me Cyan Modern Rugs
Hamptons Hideaway Living Room
Hamptons Retreat Bedroom
Serenity Bathroom
NOX Dining
Myra Living
Hamptons Getaway
Mid-Century Abode Bedroom
Graciously Georgian Build Set
Kingston Dining
Vara Office–only for the laptop so if you don’t mind replacing it, not needed.
Shaker Kitchen
Roarsome Kids Bedroom
Futura Living
Bayside Bedroom
Atwood Living
Mina Kitchen
Quintin Kitchen
Bradford Seating
Atwood Dining
Grove Furniture Collection
Caine Living
Oasis-Chic Dining
Volta Appliances
A Feather for Luck Watercolors
Mid-Century Eclectic
Drapery Delights
Birch You! Set of Birch Paintings
Annabel Bedroom
Essa Kitchen
Colourful Hexagon Tiles
Rustic Planks
Old World Wide Plank Flooring
Gorgeous Grain Hardwood
Classic Wall Set Solid Colors
Classic Wall Set Beveled Subway Tiles
Bellewood Mural

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