Micro Modern for Toddler

A micro 32 tile home that is toddler ready! Completely play tested. Includes toddler bed, potty, high chair, bath, toddler blocks, Wabbit tabler (behind the computer), 2 toddler books, fire truck toy, stuffed animal (may need to be removed when placing a child bed). No moveobjects or debug items used. Also includes TV, computer, grill, garden, double bed, full kitchen, table for 3, bookshelf.

This was completed for an Impossible Tiny Home Challenge as given to lilsimsie by Sim Guru Frost: 1. Under 12K, 2. For 3 sims (2 parents & child), 3. No bb.moveobjects or bb.showhiddenobjects (which also means no bb.showliveeditobjects), 4. The house is no more than 32 tiles.

Presented by EA Game Changers


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