Sims 4 Build Challenges and More May-June 2020

Note: US style date format month/day/year

July due dates can be found here!

More Sims 4 challenges available here when this post becomes outdated!

Build Challenges:

Due before tours on 5/27/2020 from Phirehero:

Due 5/28/2020 from Sim_Michelle:

Due 5/29/2020 from Rethasim:

Due 5/31/2020 from Ninnster:

Due 5/31/2020 from Jojomomster:

“Create a pool using curved pool edges as per this tutorial by #Schnuck01 ”Curvy Pools Tutorial’ Any Lot, Any budjet.”

Find out more here!

Due 5/31/2020 from Build n Share:

“โ€œOh, no, Iโ€™m looking for cozy, comfortable and perhaps a touch rustic. I want it to be my own little kingdom out in the country. I have many friends who like to visit, and will need at least a couple of rooms for them to stay overnight. A guest bath or two as well.โ€”

Find all of the rules and how to enter on the official forums here!

Due 5/31/2020 from Reddit:

Week 94: Classical Architecture Series; Italianate (19th Century)

Due 6/1/2020 from Ashaife:

Due 6/1/2020 from Kingqueenfailure:

“The summer is soon here & this #beautiful #garden in #oasissprings needs a #house / #home obviously! Build a house that suits this garden.”

Find out more info here!

Due 6/1/2020 from Luckyheather:

“I have a fun one for you this time, basically find an online image possibly via Google Images, of a Lego build any size, style, home, community lot or workplace and use this image to create the building as close as you can to how it looks, I know they are made of blocks so you do not have to make it look like that. I have used some Lego homes and shops in the past and I found it good fun as many have bright colours and very cute gardens. There are modern homes if that is what you enjoy so enjoy looking at images and copy the one you decide to do, as best you can and add it to below the screenshots of your creation so we can see the building you were inspired by.”

More information here!

Due 6/2/2020 by Rosemow:

The one room, one week, one theme challenge: A room for firefighters after a fire. “With firefighters coming to Sims 4 next week, they need a room in the fire station to relax after they have been busy putting out the fire! It is a place where can relax, and have a cup of coffee or tea , and lower stress levels.”

Find all of the details here!

Tours on 6/4/2020 from GerbSims:

Due 6/14/2020 from Reddit /r/thesims:

Due 6/15/2020 from Nelsbuilds:

“This is a 2 part challenge, including CAS and a Build.
Pick a theme. Create your Sim(s). Build your lot. Upload with #NBContainerChallenge & #EcoLifestyle”

Find out more here!

Due 6/15/2020 (extended deadline) from Ang0905creates:

Due 6/20/2020 from Krystalgamer:

Due 6/22/2020 from bruisedmomo:

Due 6/23/2020 from rosemow:

On the official Sims 4 forum, a small sunroom!

Due 6/24/2020 from simerodge:

Due 6/25/2020 from Sim_Michele:

Due 6/25/2020 from Simmer’s Digest:

“We are thrilled to be hosting our 2nd ever build challenge, and here are the details. The votes from the Twitter poll are in and Modern won the vote so, here are the details”

Find all of the details here!

Due 6/29/2020 from MinistryofBoom:

Due 6/30/2020 from AlJay:

“The challenge for June is to use this blueprint to design a camper trailer or RV.” “If you need a starting point, I have uploaded a shell to the gallery for you to use. This is just a guide and can be put on any size lot with any wall and foundation height.”

Get all of the information here!

There is a starting shell to help!

Tours at the end of June from Ashaife:

Find the lot with the room shapes here!

Due 6/30/2020 from Ninnster:

Due 6/30/2020 from Build n Share:

A contemporary vacation home: “”What we want is a vacation home on the water,โ€ Garnet explained. โ€œWe want to relax away from the crowds.โ€” “Budget: 250,000”

Room challenge: “Build the playroom for Jett and Jade. Budget: 15,000”

Find all of the details here!

No actual due date from Laireen35:

Tours 7/1/2020 from Phirehero:

Due 7/1/2020 from jeyjeysimmer:

Download here!

No Due Date but tours by Minntycream early in July hopefully from Simspalooza (posted on 6/15/2020):

No due date from Simspalooza:

Shell Challenges:

Due 5/31/2020 from Takissis:

“The rules are standard. You can change anything you like except the exterior walls. Windows and doors can be moved or style changed as desired. There is no limit on budget or packs used.”

Find out more info here and download the shell here!

Due 6/1/2020 from Sims3testalias:

“Rules: 1. #NoCC 2. Decorate the house and the garden, but don’t change what I have build. 3. Use the same lot size. “

Find more here!

Due 6/1/2020 from Laladypanda:

Download shell here!

Due 6/2/2020 from Technicolorttv:

Download here!

Due 6/3/2020 from Simming_spoonie:

Due 6/3/2020 from Janeenphoenix:

Download here!

Due 6/3/2020 from Carissasims:


Due 6/3/2020 from Cakeinvader:

Due 6/4/2020 from Emiloo:

On the gallery here!

Tours on 6/4/2020 from Simthesia:


Due 6/4/2020 from hiphiprenee:

Also an entry for a chance to win Eco Lifestyle which ends on 6/4/2020.

Due 6/5/2020 from Amajadewolf:

Here is the shell!

Pics on 6/6/2020 from Hallowed-magic:


Due 6/7/2020 from Kippsidaisy:

Due 6/7/2020 from Peafrogsims:

Due 6/7/2020 from Rhxann:

On the gallery here!

Tours on 6/8/2020 from Simmerofhearts:

Download here!

Due 6/8/2020 from Scuie90:

Download shell here!

Due 6/8/2020 from Tazkabaz:

Download here!

Due 6/8/2020 (pretty sure it’s European format!) from L91c-sims:

On the gallery here!

Due 6/10/2020 from Anindigoblur:

Shell here!

Due 6/11/2020 from DelightfullyDe:

Find the shell here!

Due 6/12/2020 from lsquaredg:

Shell is on the gallery here!

Due 6/13/2020 from Msivory13:

Get it on the gallery here!

Due 6/13/2020 from That_saurus:


Due 6/13/2020 from hiphiprenee:

Shell can be found here!

Due 6/14/2020 from Malixa:

Download the shell on the gallery!

Due 6/14/2020 from Lucewithlove:


Tours on 6/14/2020 from Simsense2000:

Shell here!

Due 6/14/2020 from Aristocrating:

Shell here!

Due around 6/15/2020 from Plumbella:

Download the shell here!

Due 6/15/2020 from Aquarterghost:

Find the shell here!

Due 6/15/2020 from Daniyelly:

Shell can be downloaded on the gallery here!

Tours on 6/15/2020 from Minntycream:

The shell is here!

Unsure of due date from lilsimsie:

Shell here!

Tours on 6/16/2020 from Emilyplayssims:

Shell here!

Due 6/18/2020 from Sim_michele:

Download shell here!

Due 6/20/2020 from Cokicreative:

Download the shell here!

Due before 6/20/2020 from Avelinesims:

Find it here!

Tours on 6/20/2020 from PugownedS:

Find the shell here!

Tours on 6/22/2020 from 8bitelliott:

Shell available here!

Due 6/22/2020 from hotguyalex:

Shell here!

Tours 6/22/2020 from MrsAnglFce:

Shell here!

Due 6/24/2020 from RheydnJadeN:

Due 6/26/2020 by Bulbasammie:

Download here!

Due on 6/26/2020 from SpringSims:

An apartment room shell to decorate. Download here!

Due 6/26/2020 from xSarah_Smilesx:

Shell here!

Due 6/26/2020 from Jasna93:

Find the shell here!

Tours 6/27/2020 from Dmreins:

Download here!

Due 6/28/2020 from Caidilycreates:

Due 6/28/2020 from Skysoul8:

“The starting point of the property may not be changed ,but otherwise there are no limits to your imagination.”

More information here!

Tours on 6/28/2020 from mommadubzfyu:

Shell available here!

Tours on 6/29/2020 from Tazkabaz:

Download the shell here!

Due 6/29/2020 from SimasaurusX:

Tours on 6/29/2020 from ggReggieOFC:

Shell available here!

Tours on 6/30/2020 from KennitheLemur:

Shell here!

Due 6/30/2020 from Chris Alberti:


Due 6/30/2020 from SoraScope:

Find the shell here!

Due 6/30/2020 from Takissis:

Details here and download the shell here!

Tours at the end of June and on with CC allowed from VandySquirrel:

Due 6/30/2020 from blissfullybnb:

Tours on 6/30/2020 from kateraed:

Shell here!

Tours on 7/1/2020 from TashaMonetSims:

Find the shell here!

Due 7/3/2020 from GrapeApril75:

Download the shell here!

Due 7/4/2020 from ema-chan:

Shell available here!

May shell/floor plan from Breemiles:

“May’s challenge will be a bit different, build me a doll house with the plan! Can move to anysize lot, can make it ever how many stories, can use any packs, unlimited simoleons, half walls can be used, draw walls where the fence is layed, the cutouts could be doors or windows or left open, let your imagination run wild with this one!”

Find more information and rules here!

No due date from BreeMiles:

“make me a house that is ECO Friendly, add walls where the fences lay, the cutouts is where the doors and windows will go, unlimited simoleons”

Find the floor plan laid out here!

No due date from Cypriano3:

“Today’s twisted shell. All the usual rules apply, you can lower raise foundations. Add landscaping.”

Find out more here!

No due date from NZllamaNZ:

Find the shell here!

No due date from Haley Tremont:

Download here!

No deadline from Sims3TestAlias1:

Shell is here!

No deadline from Lukaswut:

Find the shell here!

Furnish Me Challenges

Due 6/6/2020 from Sweetginx:

CAS Challenges

Due 5/29/2020 from Heithelena:

“Rules: 1- Make a sim inspired by 1 specific song. 2- State the song name and author. 3- The main theme of the song has to be in the sim (aspiration, looks, traits or whatever you wanna do). 4- No CC. 5- Poses allowed. 6- Tag #HelenasSongChallenge and #HEITHELENA. 7- Have fun and be creative.”

Find out more here!

Due 6/1/2020 from Shellb04:

“Welcome to the #Betterbarbiedoll challenge! RULES: 1. Use the hashtag #Betterbarbiedoll 2. Make a barbie inspired sim thats unique for example this barbie katelynn is a teen with cancer your sim needs to stand out! “

Find more info here!

Due 6/2/2020 from GLovely:

“Consider the CAS items we have currently and create a household that fits the new vibe of Evergreen Harbor earnestly.” “You may have from 1 to 8 sims in your household and each sim should be representing your story line and vision in looks and dress style.”

Find all of the details here!

Due before 6/12/2020 from SimRetha and AJieejaii:

Due 6/19/2020 from Glovely1:

Possible to win an expansion pack! Complete details here on the official Sims forum and a gallery link here!

Due 6/20/2020 from Vindelilas:

“And the winner will get a stuff pack of their choice!” “All-white or light-colored outfits”

Find all of the details and rules here!

Due 6/30/2020 from Build n Share:

Read the description and create the Sim family: “Sim Challenge
Create the Gold family and show them enjoying their new home. The childrenโ€™s ages are entirely up to you.”

Find all of the details here!

Due 7/1/2020 from Sims4Sarah:

All of the details here!

No deadline from Lukaswuts:

Find out more!

SimLit Challenges

Due 6/30/2020 from LisaBeeSims:

More information here and all of the details on the Official Sims Forum here!

No Due Date from LadyBetty:

Dress in white challenge! Find out more here!

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