April 2022 Sims 4 Challenges

Note: Dates are US format MM/DD/YYYY. Please read the original information for all necessary details and rules.

Find past challenges here!

Build Challenges

Tours 4/28/2022:
From Sim_Michele

Due 5/3/2022:
From Ninnster

Due 6/13/2022:

From IllusoryThrall

Room Challenges

Due 4/22/2022:
From GLovely1

Due 4/30/2022:
From grenedae

Shell Challenges

Tours on 4/20/2022:
From Zefrine

Tours 4/21/2022:
From AisseSimmer

Tours on 4/26/2022:
From Fildos

Due 4/30/2022:
From Build n Share

Time for the Spring Designer Showdown shell challenge. Find the information and rules here. Find the shell by searching #bns160 on the gallery.
“The Brief:
Budget: 175,000.
The house needs at least three bedrooms and two baths.
The foundation height and wall height can be changed.
Platforms can be added anywhere.
Remember to use the color green in at least two places. But if you choose to make the exterior green, you still need to use it inside too.
Landscaping is always important!”

Due 5/7/2022:
From JaneenPhoenix

Due 5/14/2022:
From Jake David

Renovation Challenges

CAS Sim Challenges

Due 4/22/2022:

From Glovely1

Due 6/13/2022:

From IllusoryThrall

SimLit Challenges

Due 4/30/2022:

From LisaBeeSims

Enter under Novice or Verteran with a story up to 800 words. Find all of the information here!

New or Ongoing Gameplay and Build Challenges

If you know one, let me know!

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