May 2022 Sims 4 Challenges

Note: Dates are US format MM/DD/YYYY. Please read the original information for all necessary details and rules.

Find past challenges here!

Build Challenges

Tours 4/28/2022:
From Sim_Michele

Due 5/3/2022:
From Ninnster

Due 6/13/2022:
From IllusoryThrall

Room Challenges

Due 5/27/2022:
From natgaming

Shell Challenges

Due 4/30/2022:
From christindesigns Deadline extended

Due 4/30/2022:
From sunnysimsie

Due 5/7/2022:
From JaneenPhoenix

Due 5/14/2022:
From Jake David

Tours on 5/15/2022:
From LetsBuildHouses

Tours 5/15/2022:
From hihellorachel

Tours on 5/18/2022:
From robsbow23

Tours on 5/25/2022:
From SimmedUpMag

Tours on 5/27/2022:
From SillySimmuz

Tours on 5/30/2022:
From Bella

Renovation Challenges


CAS Sim Challenges

No deadline:
From matchasims

Due 6/13/2022:

From IllusoryThrall

SimLit Challenges

Due 4/30/2022:

From LisaBeeSims

Enter under Novice or Verteran with a story up to 800 words. Find all of the information here!

New or Ongoing Gameplay and Build Challenges

If you know one, let me know!

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